Synchronicity: What It Is, and How to Experience It


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What is synchronicity?  

Synchronicity is defined as the experience of two simultaneous events that appear related but have no clear causal connection. Psychotherapist Carl Jung originally coined the term “synchronicity”. When he began to recognize the importance of meaningful coincidences in his life, and the lives of his clients.  

Such coincidences seem utterly unexplainable, making synchronicity a magical and inspiring occurrence in our lives. Synchronicities act as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds. These magical coincidences truly express the dream-like nature of our waking reality. 

  • What are synchronicities trying to tell me? 
  • What is the Purpose of Synchronicity 

A growing number of people believe that synchronicity is like a powerful sign from the Universe telling us that yes, we are on the right track. Synchronicity is also assumed to be a form of guidance from the Higher Self. A way of showing you where to go and what to do next in your life.  Synchronicity is different for everyone – it is as unique as people’s needs and desires.  But there does seem to be a few common ‘categories’ of synchronicity out there. 

  • Seeing repeated numbers (such as 11:11).  
  • Thinking about something, then having it happen.  
  • Being in the right place at the right time.  
  • Thinking of someone and then moments later they contact you.  

The Holographic Universe explains that every particle in the universe is interconnected. Synchronicity springs from the deep source of destiny and the law of balance and unity in the Universe.     

The Universe is always willing and waiting to show you what is waiting for you. Synchronicities gently guide and direct you to what is in alignment with your personal growth. Believe that timing is everything.     

If you were in the right place at the right time, then it was not luck or chance on its own. You created that opportunity of luck and chance by being in perfect harmony with yourself and your surroundings.  Synchronicity is a magnificent event that happens in your life that first seems to be a coincidence. For example, when you meet the right person at the right place at the right time. If you have a financial problem and money comes to you unexpectedly in some remarkable fashion. Are these synchronistic events from the Divine order of the universe?